Friday, April 17, 2009

april showers bring may flowers?

(photo taken a few wks ago when clint & hudson came home with beautiful tulips!)

if april showers do bring may flowers, then we should be set next month!

on easter morning it we had a lot of rain, & today we're having a monster of a storm, which means maddie is in my lap panting, slobbering & generally freaking out as she always does during storms. i, of course chose this day to run completely out of diapers (first time in 2 yrs!) & so in the middle of the severe lightening, i was that mother in our local grocery store running with her barefoot child through the diaper isle frantically searching for size 6 pampers cruisers.
unfortunately, i had JUST been to the grocery store earlier & completely forgotten about our diaper shortage, so that was grocery store trip #2 for us.
don't worry, i didn't let his barefeet touch the ground. i carried all 30 lbs of him as i ran through the isles, trying to get out of there before the deluge began.

we did make it home before the downpour, but we made it home with size 5 instead of size 6. honestly.

anyway, we're surviving & i'm really looking foward to those may flowers :)


Amanda Brooks said...

BLESS! Girl, I'm so sorry!! May flowers are DEFINITELY around the corner! It is absolutely gorgeous here today, but your storm is headed our way. It will make for a fun weekend. Good thing I got the yard mowed today! woohoo! Thinking about you - hang in there!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it! Next time we go to the store, we can ask each other if there are diapers at home! So sorry that happened. ~KE

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