Wednesday, April 22, 2009

blue bell, baskins, ben & jerry's

the story of a young lad & his first ice cream cone...

"exactly how does this work?"

"sooo, just hold it to your mouth & lick it?"

going for it...

"yeah, it's good!"

"i got the hang of it!"

so hudson has shared cones with daddy before, but had never had a cone of his VERY OWN. pretty exciting stuff.

you can imagine what his clothes looked like when everything was said & done - it was a strip & baby wipe job before he could get back in the car!! but it was worth it to see that punky look on his face after he finished the very last bite :)


Amanda Brooks said...

Love this!!! Being a Texan, of course I feel that Blue Bell is the BEST. When Blue Bell finally made it's way to Tennessee a few years ago, I would literally honk at every Blue Bell truck I saw on the road. Seriously, honk and wave like a fool. LOVE IT!!

Christy said...

i love this! jayden just had his first cone a couple of weeks ago when we were in waco. i had actually gotten him a cup but he decided that he wanted my cone and so we traded and he ate the entire thing! he LOVED it and felt like such a big boy!

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