Thursday, April 9, 2009

lip gloss as lucky charm

i've been a big believer in lip gloss for awhile now.

no time for a shower? lip gloss.
can't find your make up bag? lip gloss.
just had a baby (or a 2 yr old) & don't know which way is up? lip gloss.

i've worn lip gloss for so long now that i couldn't pick out a decent shade of lipstick if you paid me!
it just seems to make things a little better. & apparently it was my trusty lucky charm again today when alacritydesigns landed another store (in my yoga clothes + lip gloss!)!! yaaaaaay!

soon we'll be selling in THE most darling gift store i've found around here - i'm so honored to have my line there! PLUS the ladies that work there are so very super sweet - the kind of women you could chat with for hours. feels like i'm selling to friends!

so welcome aboard store #5!!!

p.s. - they're also the first store to carry the new green sundress for girls!!! i can't wait to get my new pics up to show you everything!!

p.p.s - my current fav lip glosses are...

maybe it's maybelline in lolli-pink (i believe it's called "shiny-licious"!!!.) &...

stila in fruit punch - thank you, jen.


Jen Haney said...

I love the stilla lip gloss!!!!! You are one hot mom!

Amanda Brooks said...

Congrats!!!! And you look GREAT in your lip gloss!! I went thru a phase where I wore Victoria Secret lip gloss - was so yummy and flavored!! I never know what colors to get anywhere else, so your ideas are helpful! Thanks! :)

Christy said...

congrats on the new store!

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