Tuesday, April 7, 2009


1. we're having spaghetti tonight w/ ragu's organic tomatoe sauce (aka cheapest organic sauce). it's decent. add sauteed onion, garlic & lots of oregano or "italian herbs" or whatever you have in your pantry.

2. i've been learning a lot about how inhumanely animals in our food production plants are treated & i'm feeling really disturbed about it.

3. as hudson was swinging today, i noticed this look of utter bliss & contentment on his face, & i wondered if i'm giving myself time space & time to experience that kind of quite contentment with life. (answer: no)

4. i like getting to know our neighbors. it makes me feel like it's 1963.

5. speaking of the past makes me think about what happened to that Texans player in dallas. i'm shocked & feel so very sorry for his family. it's unbelieveable.

6. my "pinks" are dying. black thumb strikes again.

7. i sometimes long for a life where the t.v. only comes on for lost, the office, & an occasional oprah & house hunters (international, of course!).

8. #7 might be because i watched Becoming Jane last night & period pieces like that always make me want to sit in the drawing room after dinner & read or play the piano.

9. what is a drawing room?

10. i just got hudson's easter outfit monogrammed, & i can't wait to pick it up.

11. we still haven't done our taxes.

12. i need some new recipes.

13. i just got this new chamomile tea that i like. i've always been attracted to chamomile, isn't that weird?

14. i need to make a list of activities to do when we're in nyc. have any ideas?

15. i'm contemplating starting a compost heap.

16. i still hate this background.

yeah, that's about it - now you're caught up on my life :)


darrah said...

#14 - go eat at amy ruth's in harlem! amazing. www.amyruthsharlem.com. i don't know if you consider eating chicken and waffles an activity, but it was the first thing that popped in my head when i read number 14...one of the highlights of my last visit.

kelly said...

d - eating is ALWAYS an activity in my book. i'll have to check that one out... :)

Christy said...

fun that you are going to NYC! is it soon? also i want to see huddy's little easter outfit. what does it look like? taxes are for the birds - no fun at all!

Amanda Brooks said...

Oh so many things to do in the City! I'll email you. Wish I was going to be up there when you guys are!! Love the little green dress by the way - so cute!

Jaime said...

Great list of randoms, Kelly. I LOVE Lost and the Office. I do buy free range eggs, so I guess that makes me trying to do something right, right?! ;)

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