Thursday, April 2, 2009

poop & pics

i really cannot handle "Dirtiest Jobs".

seriously, it's so gross. clint just flipped over & within half a second, i swear i heard the words "turd burner".


i just told clint that it's such a little boy kind of show for big boys, & he said "yeeeaaaaah" while his eyes glazed over & a grin appeared on his face.

now they're cleaning airplane toilets. honestly.

of course i've got to say a turd burner might have come in handy today as stephanie & i did the first alacritydesigns photo shoot. we were working in the backyard (leaving all 3 boys inside to stare @ us through the windows & constantly yell "mooooommmmm!") in the midst of maddie's favorite area to do her business. ick.

but i think amidst the poopy & ever-changing-weather, we got some good shots - i can't wait to see them!

all good things must come to an end though, & as we came back inside, we assessed the havoc 3 small boys are able to wreak in such a short time (don't worry, we didn't just leave them there for a whole hour - we DID come back in to restart the dvd player & throw snacks @ them every once in awhile...)

not so bad :)

thank goodness for baby einstein & elmo crackers.

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