Sunday, May 10, 2009

back again

miss me???
whew, have we been on a whirl wind of traveling for these past few weeks. i've had so much fun, but i'm really happy to be starting a new week of "normalcy" (whatever that is).

2 wks ago, hudson & i went to nyc with my mom. it was my birthday gift from mom - to get to visit my sister. neither of us had been to the city & it was really soooo much fun. it was a blast to get to do fun nyc things & that combined with getting to be with johnna & see her life in brooklyn, plus meeting her "significant other" jonty, AND carting a certain little guy around - well, it was just the makings of a TON of fun. i can't wait to go back with clint!

then hudson & i hitched a ride with clint to be with mom & memaw for the week in kerrville. clint had business meetings in san antonio, so we spent the week in the hill country. the highlights? doing a little gardening for memaw, & spending a couple of hours in fredericksburg. if you haven't been there, it's AWESOME & so much fun and i landed another account with THE most fun/mod children's shop i've seen (& i'm starting to see quite a few!). more on that later.

well, more on everything later! when i get the time anyway :)

but before i go, i should mention that today was hudson's 2nd birthday. i can't believe my baby is 2. i've read/heard a million moms say this & it bounced off of me like a tennis ball, but for the rest of my life, i'll understand every SINGLE time i hear someone say "i can't believe my baby is 2... 4... 18months... 14..."

his party is next week, so more on THAT later, too :)

another item worth mentioning is that today is mother's day & while it kind of stunk to have to share it with hudson's birthday (i mean, i'm just being honest here. everyone kept saying - oh how neat that his bday will be on mother's day, but really i wasn't thrilled. i'm working on becoming more mature!), clint did a great job of fitting in some fun mother's day stuff - like a handmade card from he & hudson (complete with scribbles!), flowers (arranged by the two), & tom's (actually a gift i forgot to order from valentine's day & so glad c remembered b/c i kept forgetting), & those SUPER fun stamps/embossers. you know - the one with the circle with you're name/address/whatever you like. you can find them here. i've wanted one for awhile & he REMEMBERED!!! lots of gold stars to clint :)

okay, it's getting laaaaate. oh, how i need to go to bed. for someone who loves to sleep as much as i do, i have such a hard time getting to bed nearly every night. something else to work on...

talk soon...


Christy said...

so glad your back! missed you. glad you had a sweet mother's day even though you had to share it with a 2 year old! i can't believe that he is 2 - it goes by so fast. hope hudson had a good day as well. can't wait to see what stamp you picked out. i heart mine!

darrah said...

i did miss you! i've been wondering where you've been. fun that you were in ny. i'll be checking back for those pics and stories...

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