Wednesday, May 20, 2009

magenta is his color of choice

so it finally happened.
i had heard of this day & thought it was surely way off in the future, but i was oh, so wrong.
today was the day i walked into my studio to find this.

let me just zoom in a little for you...

mmhmm, that's right. hudson chose a sharpie PERMANENT marker to add a little spice to the carpet in my studio. in his creative wisdom, he selected magenta. neat.

i gasped, grabbed the marker, yelled "NO!" & then some still, small voice said "grab the camera!". so i did & snapped a few pictures before trying to explain that we DO NOT color on the floor & especially not with a marker, how ever nice a shade it may be.

i then ran for the oxyclean & started scrubbing. as i crouched down on the floor, hudson thought that surely meant i wanted to play pony. so while i scrubbed, he tried to climb on my back for a ride. that's when i wondered aloud as to whether they have camps you can ship these little people off to for a week or so.

just kidding - i'd probably only let him go for a few days.


Jen Haney said...

He is taking after his Aunt Jen. During naptime I never slept, I drew all over my while walls with markers.

You know my mom's number.

Jaime said...

laughing so hard...NO! Lemme grab my camera real quick, but NOOOOO!!! Too cute, Kelly, even though it might not seem cute. he's just creative like his mama. I hope you saw my answer to you but that hat you asked about came from Children's place. :)

Kelli said...

HA! Sloan's first foray into Sharpie decorating occurred on our living room wall, right in the middle of the wall for all to see. But, FYI, Magic Erasers take Sharpie right off a wall. I don't know about carpet though. If you find that place where you can ships kids off for a week (or a few days) let me know. I'm just curious...

Jaclyn said...

omg so funny!!!! he is so busy :)

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