Friday, July 31, 2009

i cleaned my sink & i feel proud

some strange force took over me this morning (probably the sight of how gross the kitchen sink was) & i found myself whipping up a batch of vinegar + baking soda paste & scrubbing the heck out of the thing. and it felt good. even if i still felt nauseous while doing it! i'm @ that stage where i'm so tired of being tired & nauseous/starving. it's really wearing. hopefully only have a week or two left :)

and focusing on the positive, HEB had their tarragon chicken salad on a big sale this week & the alien baby likes it so that's been good. and it's raining right now, which will make for good napping weather for hudson & me. AND clint has so sweetly offered to stay home with hudson tonight, so i could go do something fun with stephanie & that feels like just what the doctor ordered!

so hope you're friday is turning out well, too :)

ps: if you've never tried the vinegar + baking soda paste, it works great. there's no measuring - just mix it together to form a softscrub type of paste & clean away. i even cleaned my stovetop with it. i love that it's totally nontoxic - no worry of getting it on you clothes/hands or breathing in the fumes.


LynnAnn said...

I like to pour some baking soda down the drain and then do a vinegar shooter after. Not so much because it cleans the drain, I mean, it does do that, but because of the very awesome volcano effect. It's more like being a scientist than being a cleaner. Anyhoo. . .

kelly said...

great tip, lynnann!!

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