Monday, July 27, 2009


**warning, this post is going to inform you on the kinds of things that fill my brain these days. & it's nothing deep or really meaningful. read @ your own risk :)

i've got a dilemma.

a backpack dilemma.

well, it's actually worse than that. if you know me very well, you know i'm pretty bad @ making decisions. bad. it's like i become paralyzed with making the exact right decision in situations & especially if it's a big decision. this is a lot of the reason why my house has really only 2 rooms decorated & you'll still find blank frames on the walls!! i know, it's probably some diagnosable illness or something.

i'm pretty proud of myself that i just purchased a quilt & sheets for hudson's big boy bed last week. but of course i've been contemplating this purchase for 9 months, so it was about time!! but don't you worry - i kept the receipt just in case i find something better! i guess i have commitment issues - it's just that i always worry that i will find something i like better.

it's a curse.

anyway, back to the backpack - it's almost "back to school" time & hudson is off to mother's day out for the first time (gulp) this year. i think i might be masking my feelings of seeing my little guy go off to "school" for the first time. this masking is coming out in the form of backpacks.

i CANNOT for the life of me commit to a darn backpack.

i cannot decide. what color? what color to monogram? what type of lunchbox? are clip on lunchboxes really nice, or do they stick out too much? do i get one that goes IN the backpack, or will i then wish for a clip-on one? will this backpack be too big? will this one be too small? will this one hold up? ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

originally, i wanted either an orange one with dark green monogram, or navy with light blue lettering. simple, right? you'd think i could find it, but no! so i think after much deliberation, i'm going with this one...

it's from land's end & features the clip on lunchbox. really, it's for bigger kids, but after talking with several moms, i've heard it's good to go with a bigger one if you want to keep it for awhile. it's not navy, but it's dark enough to stay nice looking i hope & i think i'm still going to go with light blue lettering. i hope it looks right. they recommend black, but i think that might be a little boring. thoughts?
so i'm going with this one.
for sure.
i'm sure of it.

unless i go with this one...

so cute, huh??! i love the bright green. (l.l.bean)but i think i'd have to do white lettering. i was just about to pull the trigger on this one, when i discovered, horror upon horror (!), i discovered you cannot get the lunchbox monogrammed. bumm-er! now before you think i'm just totally being ridiculous, i really do think he needs his name on the lunchbox @ this age, so it's easily identifiable. and for the same amount of $$, i'd rather monogram it than use a sharpie marker, you know. oh, & this on doesn't clip on the back pack. which may or may not be a good thing - i haven't figured that out yet!

and of course pbkids always has super cute stuff...

i'm dying here.

i really think i'm just going to do the blue. but i worry that the light blue thread will be too much with the blue, & then navy & then black zippers... i just don't know.

i guess i need to give myself a deadline :)


Jaclyn said...

haha! ok, i am with you, i would totally want the lunch box monogrammed as well.
I should tell you that my friends get backpacks from Pottery Barn kids nd LOVE them. I hear they are worth the money and last forever. Ok, now did I just confuse you more? :(

Laura // Elizabeth said...

I personally like the bright green LLbean. you can never go wroing with LL Bean. They are so durable! you could also get the matching lunch box too with his monogram!

Ruth Lee said...

You sound just like me!! I debated on my Hudson's backpack for weeks and finally got one at PBKids and I love it. His lunch box doesn't clip on, but I like that b/c at his school the lunch boxes go in a tub and the backpacks hang up. If you are ever back in Tyler there is a lady that does the CHEAPEST monograms. Her name is Kathy Miles. She monogrammed Hudson backpack, 2 beach towels, one anywhere chair cover all for $12. If your interested I can give you her name and address.

Eric and Ruth said...

I do LOVE the backpack I got from PBKids 2 years ago!! If you are trying to decide between these I would get the blue. Then you can choose if you want to clip on your lunch box or put it in the bag. With the green you don't have the choice...

Unknown said...

I once heard that there are 2 kinds of decision makers. One that find something they like and can stop looking- they are satisified they found a good thing. The other is a person that has to know all the options-- even if they find something good, they are afraid they might see something better. The first is a more content person-- and is my husband. Guess which ones we are? :)

Steph Zerbe said...

You are too funny. I love learning what is to come for us. Good luck, can't wait to hear what you REALLY do.

Jaime said...

I'm laughing at you...I'm the same way. In fact, I've been looking at big boy bedding for months and have yet to get a thing. NOt one...haven't even found anything that I'm remotely excited about. As for the backpacks, both are great. I like the shape of the blue one, but I like the color and look of the green one best (green is my fave color so I'm partial).

Thanks for our pic compliment...lots of editing on me (hehe). Reid's guitar is from TJ Maxx or Marshalls which I know helps none, but they do have them there from time to time. It was about $14. Wahoo! He LOVES it. The brand is Schylling. Hope that helps!

Patrick said...

I'm confused. I don't see comic book characters or Muppets on the backpack or the lunchbox. Maybe they can monogram the superman logo onto the backpack, or at least you can put a Big Bird patch on it. I agree; these are very big decisions.

Unknown said...


I am SO like this...

Have you looked on Etsy? What about a felting pattern you could knit? I think that would be so cute.

Love, Kelly

P.S. I like the green.

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