Tuesday, October 13, 2009

woman of the week

why i'm putting my bid in for woman of the week (or at least the day) today...

exhibiting patience in the face of rudeness: i had about 4.2 minutes before i needed to pick up hudson, when like a gift from the gods, i spotted an open checkout lane @ target! i put my little basket on the belt & started to get out my wallet when i was confronted with one solemn look & an unhappy voice saying, "ma'am, you MUST take all of your items out of the handbasket before i can check them." what??? what i wanted to say was "REALLY???? what difference does it make if you pick them up out of the little basket to scan versus picking them up off of the counter???" BUT i didn't :) i took each item out of the basket & set it on the darn conveyor while she watched me! **of course the guy behind me might deserve "man of the week" for simply ignoring her when she started telling his 2 yr old to be quiet! seriously!

preparedness: somehow (another gift from god??!) in my dash to get out the door to make that mad dash through target before picking up hudson, i just so happened to remember his rain jacket - as it was raining & it's hard to wield an umbrella while carrying my purse, his backpack, lunchbox, various artwork & anything else he decides to pick up along the way. i know, i know - you're totally impressed, right??!

overall having-it-togetherness: today was hudson's picture day & i managed to get my hair done (you know, NOT just in a clip or headband) as well as his before school! booyah! (please, don't be surprised if this doesn't happen again!)

fiscal responsiblity: i may not have remembered to pay hudson's tuition this month, but it's not the end of the month yet & i've only gotten one reminder!! this is progress, people!

and just because we all love pictures with a post, i'll include a few (terrible) pictures of h in his rain jacket...

**note: these may have to also double as his "school pictures" as his teacher told me he wouldn't smile for the real ones. nice.

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Jaime said...

you make me laugh...hard.

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