Friday, October 16, 2009

fall weather

it's a beautiful day out. gorgeous, really, & i believe i speak for the entire city of houston when i say "thank you, god!". it's so nice & semi cool out - the kind of weather that makes you so happy, you don't even mind when your kid pukes all over the cart @ the grocery store. you just smile, you keep your head down & race to the cart wipes outside & hope that you don't gross too many other people out. the cooler weather clears your head & makes you even giggle a little as you wipe the juicy banana bits off your toddler & off every surface of the cart. something about weather being less than 127% humidity helps you to breathe & be thankful that he's just throwing up because of his awesome gag reflex & oh yeah, the fact that he stuffed basically the ENTIRE banana in his mouth at once without you realizing it. you smile as you watch the little guy enjoy that nice weather as you walk him to the car in just a diaper & shoes.
THEN you put a new set of clothes on him & march him right back to the ol' HEB because no puking toddler is going to make you have to go grocery shopping twice in one day!

happy cooler temps!


Jaclyn said...

ha! that sounds like quite the grocery trip! I so agree with you though...i feel like i just had a fantastic day. It is amazing what nice weather does to me :)

Anonymous said...'ve won today's AWESOME MOM award for having an extra set of clothes for your boy (and of course for being able to wipe up the mess) and CONTINUE your shopping! ~KE

Christy said...

so glad you are finally getting nice weather down there. it does make life a little easier to handle. what a rough experience in the heb though!

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