Sunday, November 15, 2009

happy birthday to clint

i don't know what's come over me lately with the frequent blogging, but i'm going with it :)

saturday we got a babysitter (hallelujah! something i desperately needed after last week - see last post!) & headed downtown to celebrate clint's birthday. first stop was the bayou bend museum - which i definitely recommend (you know, for all of you who do your vacationing in houston, right??! haha!). each room is decorated from a different period of american history - it's quite interesting & especially to clint, who enjoys making furniture. i learned alot about cabriole legs & the meaning of "english rococo" style. and besides that, the gardens are really beautiful - we definitely plan to go back in the spring for good pictures. i'm envisioning great pics of baby girl harp + big brother amongst the azaleas...

then we headed to see "precious". oh my. oh my. what a movie.
we don't often get to see movies in the theater, but when we get to see one, this is exactly the kind of thing we love. wow. it was so intense & complex, something you mull over for days. raw & real, rough to watch. so MANY things struck me through out watching it, but one in particular was how very easy it is to judge people based off of quick interactions, sound bites, or even when we're around them somewhat, but haven't really gotten to know them, when in reality, we have NO IDEA what their life is like.
so anyway, email if you want to know more. otherwise if you go, bring a TOWEL to wipe your eyes, i tell ya! and then let me know what you thought.

after that we got lost, but eventually found our way to antica osteria, which i can definitely recommend. great, authentic italian food & super great service (sometimes i think my blog is turning into a travel blog - always recommending restaurants in various cities - hahaha!!) and here's our one picture...

let's just face it, my face is getting rounder. ouch. i knew this was coming, but you know it's still surprising when you see it! ah well, i'm trying to remember it's that "pregnancy glow" (that & the eggplant parmigiana!!!).

as an aside, i have to call attention to that great shirt clint has one - are you digging it??! i was SO proud of him for even trying it on @ the gap & was FLOORED when he let me buy it! if you didn't know, the man generally only wears blue & rarely will buy anything knew!! you look good, c!

speaking of fuller faces, i did make a super healthy, yummilicious soup tonight (to counterbalance all of that italian AND the dessert we're having tomorrow on c's real birthday) & i'll have to share it with you soon.

oh, & on a crafty note, i'm LOVING making those blankets - SO FUN! i'm thinking of getting them in the shop. i mean, who doesn't love a super soft baby blanket that's such a great size? what a practical + fun gift for a friend. & stay tuned for the cute fabric i found for baby boys, or possibly gender neutral. so fun!


Jaclyn said...

ok, first of all your face does is not getting fuller! you look GREAT! Also, you should so add the blankets to yuor shop. I love them!!!

kinsey said...

so, does baby girl harp have a name?!

kelly said...

maybe :)

kinsey said...

are yall keeping it a secret?! of course that is my style, so i totally understand if you are ;-)

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