Tuesday, November 24, 2009

million & twelfth

yesterday was a rough day. rough.
there's not even some semi-funny series of events that happened, all i know is it was rough.
as i've said, i'm entering that 3rd trimester & having less & less energy & that seems to be coinciding perfectly with hudson needing some extra attention.
at one point i found myself sitting on the couch asking him for the million & twelfth time not to jump on the couch, but to sit & finally just thought - "how much do i really care? enough to put him in time out again (for the million and twelfth time that day)? do i really want to have to get up & walk around the corner with him & then stand there to make sure he stays? NO! I DON'T!!! all i want is a pound bag of m&ms & some peace & quiet!!!! :) is that too much to ask???!!! ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!"
there was a lot of deep breathing exercises going on all day. a lot of trying not to totally loose it!

and then there was the fact that we were having friends over for dinner. now i'm always wishing we could have more people over for dinner, but why is it that when you actually, finally do, the day is rotten & you have no time @ all to get things together??!!! i finally had to resign myself to the idea that i could not be "with it", or even fake being with it & that our friends would just have to enter a messy house with all my junk all over the kitchen counters, a make-up free & showerless hostess with the same clothes i'd had on for a few days (trying to conserve the # of loads i have to do before packing!), & GASP, no dessert. thankfully, clint took care of the last issue, taking hudson with him (giving me at least a quiet kitchen to cook in) to the grocery store for chocolate chip cookie makings. we may smell & be messy, but you will NOT leave our house with out something sugary!!

anyway, the end of the story is that we had a great time with adam & sarah & they at least didn't comment on my imperfections (!) & i was reminded that opening your life up means you let people see you as you really are (a complete & total mess) & how great that really is.

the other end of the story is that raising a child is really hard & especially when they are 2 & 1/2.


Meggan and Trent said...

I feel your pain on the couch jumping for the million & twelfth time. :) I felt that way today in the waiting room at the doctor's office...I can only imagine how I would feel while in the 3rd trimester! Hang in there!

Eric and Ruth said...

The "twos" really are hard. It is like a year long time out fest until they finally figure out they really aren't supposed to do certain stuff. Sorry about your lame day:(.

Jaime said...

Oh girl, I totally totally understand. I adore my reid as you know, but since he turned 2 to the current age of 3 have been a roller coaster of behavior. ACK! It's so hard when your preggo, tired, cranky and downright hungry. Also, I wrote you a reply on my blog on the clothes...my mother in law gets them christmas duds each year from Orient Expressed. Super cute!

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