Thursday, December 24, 2009

merry christmas eve

merry christmas eve!
i shouldn't be posting - i should get back to my busy cooking & wrapping & baking (& laundry!), but i had to force myself to sit down for a minute b/c my feet were hurting!!!
poor mary! i think i'm tired - i'm not @ 9 months yet! and poor donkey that carried her all that way!!!

i should be finished with the laundry, by the way, but for some reason i decided late last night that i MUST get every 0-3m item we have washed & hung up immediately! and let me tell you, i had forgotten how long it takes to wash, dry, & fold a load of tiny baby clothes! there are so many of them!! but they're done now & i must say i do feel a lot better :) though now i'm having to scramble to be sure the 3 of us (you know, who actually NEED clothes now, as opposed to being in the womb for 7 more wks!) have something to wear tonight!

tortilla soup is on the stove - stephanie & i are having a tortilla soup throw down tonight as a few of us gather for dinner before our christmas eve service. i'll let you know if i win :)
coming up next, i'll be starting a new zucchini egg bake recipe for tomorrow morning (you know, trying to get some veggies in there in the midst of our sugar overdose these holidays!), & then on to peppermint fudge...

gifts are (mostly) wrapped - i finished them up this moring, which reminds me of one of the funniest things about christmas with a 2.5 yr old - you can pretty much wrap their presents right in front of them & they have no clue! heehee! i giggled while i wrapped :)

clint's out buying his own gift right now. sad, huh?!!! it's just the way it all worked out - he had to go run a few errands for me anyway & since he changed his mind @ the last minute on the gift, he offered to just pick it up himself! i was super grateful as my feet are hurting (did i mention that??!) & i wasn't sure they would carry me all the way to homedepot to fight the crowds this afternoon. and don't worry, i did get him a few small things that will be a surprise!

so i'm sitting here in a moment of quiet on this christmas eve. well, a moment of quasi-quiet. i'm listening to pandora (sufjan stevens christmas), but over the monitor i can also hear a certain little guy who refuses to nap this afternoon, but is quite content to be jabbering away by himself! he says the most hilarious things to himself & his monkey @ nap time. right now he's telling himself "no. not watching it, hudson, not watching it. no!" i think he's talking about "charlie brown christmas", which is what he'd love to be watching 10x a day lately & apparently his super mean parents have been saying no a lot!!!

okay, well i guess my break is up - i'm glad i'll have this little snippit of christmas eve 2009 to re-read in years to come :)

merry christmas eve!!!

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