Monday, December 21, 2009


am i the only one who didn't know the term "sussy"?

...apparently not b/c i couldn't find it on wikipedia to provide you with a link! whew!

anyway, just so you're not also caught unaware, should you venture down here to bayou country, the word "sussy" is an old cajun word that means a little gift or small present.

houston! just when you think you're getting settled down, you're reminded you're in a foreign land!! haha!

anyway, here's a little sussy i'm giving away this year...

tea towels. i really love tea towels.

and here are some close ups, though they're not that great. click on them for a better view...

i also did one with little present boxes on it, but i gave it to my mom before i snapped a pic.

they were really fun to make. endless combinations of fabric & christmas/wintery ideas. i could have made a million. the embroidery always takes waaaaaayyyyy longer than i think it will, but it's one of those things you can do while watching tv or chatting. plus it totally makes you feel like ma from little house on the prarie, sewing away on your christmas sussy :) haha!

hope you're having a great christmas week. i'm off to give away some sussy right now!

***this post is dedicated to jaclyn, without whose friendship i would never have known the true meaning of sussy!!! haha!!!


Jaclyn said...

I feel so honored and I LOVE and ADORE my tea towel. I think that might be the next order i place with you...i just might need to have some around my house year round :) Thank you for my sussy!!!!

walkers said...

so cute. and yes I started hearing sussy from my bestie from houston in college and then my husband's family from the big h as well- it is strange place!

Jaime said...

merry christmas, taught me a new word and I love your towels...awesome work!

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