Saturday, December 12, 2009

quick hello

hello there.

just a little hi out there to all of you :)
i've been out of town - here & there (dallas & kerrville). christmas partying, saying hi to old friends, road tripping, eating a lot, getting to see some family, meandering around the hill country, a little sales for alacritydesigns, adding ever more projects/ideas i want to do, missing clint, singing in the car with hudson, crying in the car with hudson, and finally making it home to our little house. whew.

it's been a whirlwind few weeks & while fun, i'm happy to be home & getting somewhat of a handle on things (though really, i like to say that "having it all under control" is an illusion anyway, right??!). laundry to do, floors to clean, presents to wrap, presents to send, gifts to be made, decorations to be done, goodies to bake... eek! i'm trying to enjoy the season & not rush just to get it all done - don't we all say that every year??! :)

in the midst of all of this catching up, cleaning, etc & the chaos of the evening, i had the bright idea to have hudson paint some craft paper so we could use it for our wrapping paper this year. and i don't mean with a paint brush. i mean full body painting (or that's what it turned into!). it was crazy & fun & we're all 3 exhausted & about 2 minutes into it i was wondering what in the world i was thinking!! i'll have to post pics tomorrow (their on c's old school cam) & i'll give you my "tips" in case you want to do this too (by tips i mean all the things i should have done to make this little project go easier - like probably not try this when you're 7mos preg!!! haha!)...

but for now, i'm off to bed.

happy holidays to you all.

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Christy said...

what a cute idea - can't wait to see the pictures of hudson making the paper! glad you had a good time with your family. have a good monday!

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