Friday, December 4, 2009


i'm sitting here @ my table working out a new little onesie for baby girl.

it's snowing.

yes, snow :)
it appears mother nature has heard my weariness from the houston weather (i guess she reads my blog!) & wow, am i grateful.

it's gorgeous. it's magical. what is it about snow?

hudson liked it from the windows of the car, but wasn't fond of it hitting his face, so he insisted on me carrying him to & from the car on our errands. that's okay, though because while i carried him, he snuggled his little hooded head on my neck & that was worth it all :)

i have this candle going partly for ambiance & partly for light because i can't bare to turn the overhead light on & not be able to see as well out the window.

snow is so lovely. what a gift. it's just what this mother needs right now - lovely, quiet, contemplative snow.

(well, that & some peppermint fudge - i just polished off a few pieces :) )

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