Friday, January 29, 2010

hello 31!

apparently 31 comes with some surprises.
i ran to the mall this evening (kidless! woohoo! well, sort of kidless, i guess!) to get the rest of my birthday present. i had requested some new makeup, thinking i could get a few fun eye shadows & some lip gloss, so i'll have something to throw on when i'm feeling a little rough after a "newborn night"! so as the girl starts doing my powder, i look in the mirror & see WRINKLES! LOTS of WRINKLES - right @ the corners of my eyes!!! where did those come from????! omg, & there's a major line right in the middle of my forehead. seriously, what??!
after i took a few deep breaths, i asked for a different powder & we finally found one that @ least didn't accentuate the wrinkles. i guess it was lighter or something - maybe it was for more "mature women"!! :(. what in the world??
so i guess 31 + this pregnancy has totally made my skin dry, well & it's also winter... do i need to use vaseline or something?? d - doesn't your mom use preparation h??!!! (ooops! am i revealing her secrets on the internet??!). i've been banking on having my mom's skin (not many wrinkles @ 50+), but it looks like i was wrong. it's a rough world out there...

the good news is, i did get some fun new eye shadows - even a light purple! woohoo! i've gotta wear something fun to take away from the wrinkles :) haha!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Kel, O.K. first of all, the mirror was probably magnified so you would buy more product!!! You look fabulous! Secondly, the prepH really works well! Purple huh, toooo much like the 60's for me...i bet it is pretty on you. Love Mom
P.S. Pictures on Hudson's curtains?

darrah said...

i agree with your mom - probably tricky mirrors! and, yes, prep continues to be mom's secret sauce:}. hope you had a great 31st! thinking about you in these last couple of weeks! eat lots of chocolates and lounge on the couch for long lengths.

Anonymous said...

ok again we have so the same life/thoughts/needs...i went at christmas and decided it was time to "invest" in some quality powder and concealer...i was feeling a little "worn" pale and slightly blemished in some areas. i did find a great powder and concealer along with a sparkly little blush and lip gloss. i really enjoy putting on my new make up and felt like since i was 30 it was time to check out some more "coverage!" i think winter time is hard too..dry skin and paleness. :) i'm excited for you and your purple eye shadow....and i agree with darrah...chocolate and long lounges. love you! mere :)

ps floradix...kind of yucky to me! heehee!

pps and with your of huddy's room?!? no pressure! haha!

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