Thursday, February 11, 2010

big boy room

sitting here on the couch eating ice cream.
just because i can.
isn't that bad?!! haha! i think i just know HOW MUCH life is going to change in just a few days & i really want to just enjoy these last few days of peace!! it's so weird when you know life is going to drastically change very soon - i go from feeling ready & excited, to anxious & wondering what ELSE i need to do to prepare!! i know there's really nothing else to do to be ready - your never really ready for a newborn :)

anyway, finally getting to post some pics of hudson's big boy room! it's totally not done - i just stopped working of the quilt because i didn't think i could finish & wanted to work on totally finishing the nursery instead. so that's yet to come. i also am working on some canvases for him - paint/fabric/mod podge. i finished one with a guitar & want to do a drum one next. (oh, & the bed is stained - yaaaaaaay!!! - & now is awaiting the final coat & the weather's not really cooperating - oh well! ps: it totally looks amazing - c did a phenomenal job!)

checking out the new car sheets...

it's L O V E!

a little reading corner...

daddy even put in a new fan!!

just playing around...


Anonymous said...

Yea, big boy room and bed!!! What are the blue and white things on each side of the bed? Love the Blue on the walls. Are you going to hang the US map above the bed? Is he still excited about the move? Does he still stay in bed or get up and play at will?? Can't wait to see you soon!

LuLiTa said...

i don't think mimi really needed to sign her name to that one ;)

i just teared up looking at this post. he isn't big enough to have a queen sized bed! i cannot handle it! i can't wait to pick him up and squeeze him in a few weeks!

how are you feeling? eat as much ice cream as you can- you have THREE full days left! so exciting!!! i can't wait to meet her. xx

Anonymous said...

Hey.....what is LuLiTa talking about?*** Oh and the white fitted cover is for the boxsprings, if you want to cover them.

kelly said...

you two are funny :)!!! can't wait to see you both soooon!!!

mom - the blue things are bed rails that keep him from falling out of bed. i decided i liked the map above the armoire - it gives it more height & also he can lay in bed & look @ it. i have a collection of clocks to hang above the headboard. he LOVES his room - it's really cute :) & he (usually happily) stays in bed until we come get him, except today i know he got out @ some point before falling asleep because the curtains were opened a little bit (STINKER!).

j - it's not a queen size bed!! it just looks big b/c he's so little! & i AM being quite the indulger these last few days :) haha!!

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