Sunday, February 7, 2010

in case she wants to do a jane fonda work out video...

baby girl is set!

heehee! aren't these hilarious??! i'm not sure i fully captured the 80s goodness - it's late & so there's no possiblity of good lighting for pics, but i had to share these! i was just playing around - not thinking my playing would amount to much, but i ended up really liking the "fonda" vibe :)

one problem: the headband is a little small & if she has the head of her father & brother, i better snap a pic of her in it on day one because that's the LAST day it will fit!

speaking of, have i ever told you that hudson loves to say to say "i have a large head!!!"??!
it's pretty funny.
he usually declares it anytime clothes are being pulled on or off his head (mostly because we're always laughing @ the sounds of perpetual seams ripping as we struggle to get things around that massive noggin!).
seriously - his head is off the percentile charts.
...which always helps me feel better about the whole csection thing :)

anyway, 8 days to go...

***nursery update: pretty much finished! since we have time, we decided to go ahead & paint the walls (pink, of course!), so i'll take pics after that. i hope i like the pink - i realized pinks are hard! we're going with "chalk pink I". i can't decide if it's too chalky, or if i just think that because of the name.


Anonymous said...

you'd be surprised at how well little girls (unlike grown women) can pull off the 80s look. The glitter, the leggings, it all works on them.- mel cable

Audrey said...

i can't wait to hear she is born! maggie says hello to her new friend...we are praying everything goes beautifully!

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