Tuesday, March 2, 2010


make it out of bed - check
take motrin - check
feed hudson - check
feed holland - check
clean spit up - check
clean up TWO poopy diapers - check
make lunch - check
get h1 off to school - check (thank you, katherine!)
(h1 & h2 are their new nicknames)
get baby googoo (also a new nickname) FINALLY asleep in the swing - check
put clothes in the dryer so you have something to wear - check
FINALLY get to sit quietly in a quiet house - CHECK

ahhh. life is good.

ps: johnna to the rescue as we speak! an extra set of hands is going to do wonders around here - especially when they belong to the beloved aunt nonna :)


Eric and Ruth said...

Oh, I remember having to clean 2 poopy diapers from 2 different kids! So beyond lame!!

Jaime said...

oh sister, there are days where all I do is clean poop. Have I mentioned how my 3 yr. old still isn't potty trained? Yeah, he isn't. Oh the joy! ;-) gotta love them!

Jaclyn said...

i was thinking about you today....i bet it was nice to have some time alone with Holland and i bet Husdon had a great day at school! My kids seem better today, so we should be able to come by soon. I can't believe I have not met miss priss yet! I would come alone but Grace would be crushed. She REALLY wants to come by your house. Today she said, "i can't wait to show Hudson my pretty dress!"
I hope you are feeling better each and every day. You are such a good mommy!!!!

Christy said...

strong work! hope you are having fun with your sister!

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