Saturday, March 6, 2010

second week home

i'm sitting here eating a grilled cheese sandwich that my sister made for me. it sure is nice having someone wait on you :)

it's been great having johnna here - an extra set of hands to play drums, drive, change diapers, warm up dinner... i'm considering holding her hostage.

we've gone to the park, we've run errands - both of which have felt like luxuries to me! it's so nice to get out & about sometimes. newborn land seems to make you feel a little like you're in a time warp. for example, i can't believe it's march! when did that happen? i still have valentine's hearts hanging from my mantel. oops.

we're slowly settling into have 2 little ones. hudson continues to bounce off walls with his energy levels & holland continues to be the yin to his yang, remaining pretty calm. not to say there aren't times of frustration, or times when she can't seem to get back to sleep, but for the most part she equals the opposite of newborn hudson. i'm pretty sure i was still comatose @ this point in hudson's life.

i'm still pretty sore & enjoying my motrin, though less & less. i'm really anxious for my body to "feel normal" again. i sometimes feel like an old lady with all of these aches & pains - ugh! AND i'm back to that stage when NOTHING fits me & so i'm basically wearing pjs all the time & am trying desperately to remember when it is that your stomach goes down enough that you can at least squeeze into something you used to wear!! i wish i had written that down last time!

and because everyone loves a post with pictures, here are a few pics from the other day...

yes, those are drumsticks :)

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