Monday, March 8, 2010


it happened.

yesterday i completely forgot hudson in timeout.

for about 15 minutes.


poor first child.

at about 10 minutes into the timeout (that was supposed to be for 2 mins), i actually asked clint where hudson was. yep, & it still took about 5 minutes to remember I had put him in time out.

oh, & i can't totally remember if it was actually yesterday or saturday. brain, oh brain, where have you gone?


Anonymous said...

yeh, I left Cooper in the bathroom at church for like half of sunday school. he was hollering the whole time, then crying, for me to come help him, I forgot he was in there and went on to my class until a friend came and got me- bad mom, bad mom- so count on many more brain melts :)- mcable- oh and sophie snuck out of the house yesterday and I found her in the street with a car coming down the way, nice.

Anonymous said...

Just think, less brain cells return after the birth of each child! How many more did you say you wanted???Haha

kelly said...

melissa - that's so funny about cooper!!!! made me feel much better, thanks & i'm sure i'll remember back to that when i do the same thing :) & i hope sophie's not sneaking out today!! ha!
& yes, the brain cells leaking out with each child is terrifying!!!

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