Thursday, April 29, 2010

getting out

next time i'm acting a little crazy could someone please remind me that i need to just get out of the house (kid-less) a little more??! lately i really haven't done much of this - i realized the other day that i couldn't remember the last time i was alone! not good!!

anyway, i probably should have gone for a pedicure or something fun & relaxing, but it was a little too late & really, when you haven't been alone in weeks, wondering the aisles of target & joann's by yourself sounds pretty darn nice. besides, i needed to shop for hudson's bday party.

so i did that.

and it WAS nice.

(thanks, clint)

and today we had to get out, too - hudson, holland, & i. we haven't had much going on this week @ all & i think we were all a little bored. i thought about the arboretum, but since this week seems to be allergy-fest 2010 in the harp household, i thought we might ought to take a rain-check. so where did we go? target. where else? :)

our list:

-tall, nonfat caramel macchiato
-vanilla milk in juicebox form (for bribing)
-size #2 nipples for h2's bottles

our purchases:

-all of the above, plus an upgrade to GRANDE on the macciato. hey, i got out with 2 kids while feeling like complete-allergy-junk, so i deserve it.
-diapers (remembered i had some good coupons)
-a new formula (was on major sale!!)
-little hand gel from the $1 section ( i have a hard time resisting the $1 section)
-cutest green tub for hudson's birthday
-napkins for hudson's bday (copied you again, steph)
-baby oatmeal (again, super good coupon)

gotta love target - you always find more than what you were planning!
and to close, i'll leave you with 2 phone pics from this week.

i call them "chubby love" & "i can't stand still. even for a picture."

***dear future holland, i'm sorry that sometimes people think you're a boy (like in the above picture). i often don't put a bow on you. the reason is 2 fold: 1. the headbands often slip off your head in the carseat & cover your face, which you hate. 2. alot of times i just dont' have the time to hunt down the matching bow before your brother burns the house down, or pours green paint all over the new carpet (true story), etc...
i'm sorry. hope you can forgive me some day. i'll pay for therapy.
love, mom


Jaime said...

I just can't get enough of that name "HOlland." LOVE IT!~ I often do that at night when Kyle gets home...I want to spend time with him too, but there comes days every once in awhile where I just need some time alone.

On another note, please in your infomercial viewing don't write an entire blog post on the new BIlly Mays. I honestly felt after he passed away that I owed him a blog post apology. I didn't ever write one, but that post haunts me. ;-) I'm kidding...kind of.

kinsey said...

i was thinking the same thing, again, about holland's name the whole time i read this post. LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

they may think she is a boy because, wow, she looks a lot like hudson in that eyes closed picture. And BTW, another favorite alone time night for me is going to Hastings for coffee and US/People magazine :)- mel cable

kelly said...

j & k - thanks for the compliments on her name - i love it, too, though lots of people assume the name is for a boy! funny!
& jaime, i'm sorry but i'm definitely writing a post about the new billy mays or tony whatever-his-name is when i get all buff (or "ripped" as they like to say).
& melissa - i LOOOOOVE people mag! that's a great idea!!! & youre right - the older she gets, the more she looks like him. crazy!

Jen Haney said...

I mean- that first pic could have been Hudson 3 years is crazy! She is looking more and more like him! Tell her it's ok about the bows- nothing ever stays on my head either. I can't wear the cutesy scarves or elastic head bands with out them falling off. I have gotten along just fine.:)

Love you!!! (and I always get a grande at starbucks. No questions. The tall is just not enough)

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