Thursday, April 22, 2010

thursday afternoon

it's thursday afternoon & i want to be making these...

cute, huh?? & from THIS blog.
wish i had the time today, but it's 3:15 & hudson's official wake time is 4:00. not that he needs an official wake time anyway because he's still awake. it might be a bummer kind of afternoon since he's had no nap. we'll see.

i would like to go to garden ridge & get some outdoor chairs, but it looks like we'll be heading to sam's since i just noticed we have ONE diaper left in hudson's diaper drawer. bummer. maybe i'll just go ahead & buy the outdoor furniture i saw there a few weekend's ago :)

also, does eating popcorn for lunch count as a vegetable?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So weird, i responded yesterday but it did not make it to your blog
?? Are you making the pants for yourself? They are so cute.

Can't wait til next see those sweet H's!!!!!!


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