Friday, April 16, 2010

you know you're a total suburban housewife when... find yourself in retail heaven @ SAM'S!

i'm semi-embarrassed to say that i really loved our sam's trip this morning. it was like every corner i walked around had something i realllly wanted. i used to only see sam's as a place to get my pics developed for cheap & pick up a massive bag of dog food, but today i was in full "oh my gosh i'd LOVE this!" mode. i used to only act like that in places like anthropolgie. sigh.

i guess i'll just have to accept the fact that i AM a surburban housewife & if i had an extra $8,000 or so, this is what i would have bought...

1. a huge box of these because really, you just have to (& YES, i'd get the extra cheddar kind for sure).

2. patio furniture! i mean who wouldn't want something like this??! how fun to sit outside & eat this summer!
3.and THIS was my favorite! i mean, HOW FUN would this be???!!! clint & i stood looking @ it & comtemplating how we could possibly get it for christmas ("if we don't get each other anything, & nothing else for the kids or our relatives, & don't eat for a month..."!!)
4. i found something like this that i'd love to have, but for vegetables. clint & i have wanted to try a garden for awhile now, but then there's the problem of my black thumb. i couldn't even keep a single little tomato plant alive last summer (sorry, memaw) :( but THIS could help me, huh??!!!

5. and this camera! so cool!! i don't know that i have the patience for photography, though i love good pictures. maybe i'd buy it for clint to use.

6. & let me go ahead & get on the record as saying i am NOT above jewelry from sam's! ha! they had lots of pretty sparkley things like...


just to mention a few!

8. they had such pretty fresh fresh flowers & lots of pretty pots for plants; even citrus trees to plant in your yard. how nice!

oh sam's, you are so very nice!

**i wrote this last weekend.


Christy said...

Your hillarious! I never realized the vast amount of goodness at Sams - I use it usually for my chocolate chips, flour, and sugar (and an ocassional cleaning product). Thanks for opening my eyes to all the greatness at my fingertips!

Eric and Ruth said...

I love this post! It's hilarious and true! I was just saying the other day this is why I can't go to Sam's b/c I don't have your discipline, as I would have decided not to eat for a month and get the play set!

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