Monday, May 17, 2010

monday morning

saw aunt nonna over skype - woo hoo! it's hard to get together with the time difference between here & london.
heard sissy laughing for some unknown reason! it was a belly laugh, too & i'm so glad johnna got to see it
smelled roast cooking in the crock pot (making brisket tacos tonight - don't know why i call them "brisket tacos" when i use a roast, but whatever)
touched the punky little mosquito-dotted face of my hudson
tasted a caramel macchiato (i decided we needed an outing :) )
saw the inside of the shower - yaaaaay! it had been a few days... :)
heard myself say "oh lord!" when i realized i put the raw roast into the warmer part of the crockpot, not realizing i'd taken the cookpot part out a minute before - gross! unfortunately i heard hudson repeat what i said - oops!
smelled my mother's day roses that are just now beginning to fade
touched red, blue, & yellow playdough with hudson while we played with his new monkey playdough toy
tasted salty goldfish & sweet apples - leftovers from hudson's party


LuLiTa said...

it was so good to "see" you and my babies! i miss you guys so much! glad you had a SENSIBLE day! love you guys! xx aunt nonna

aunt nonna said...

HELLO! bday party pics please! it's been WEEKS!

LuLiTa said...

dude. you're killin me.

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