Friday, May 7, 2010

potty training continued

i didn't quit.
and that deserves a medal, as far as i'm concerned.

actually, hudson really deserves the medal for dealing with the mean-horrible-mommy that seems to overtake my body while potty training. i'm serious! potty training is bringing out the absolute worst in me! i'm not great in the patience department anyway, but when you throw in human excrement, i just go over the edge.

but enough about me - hudson has managed to use the potty several times since that fateful wednesday morning from h-e-double-hockey-sticks. yes, we've had accidents, but we've also had victories & we've celebrated those victories with cheddar pringles, m&ms, & berry juice boxes. hudson couldn't be happier with the selection.

so the battle continues, but we're determined to win. & i am trying my best to keep mean-horrible-mommy @ bay...


Anonymous said...

You are too funny and may need to consider writing a childrens book! Or perhaps a childrens book for adults, do to the discriptions you use!!!
Love mimi

Christy said...

way to go kelly! keep up the good work!
it seems horrible at the moment - but when he is out of diapers and you get the end result - you will be so thankful!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting what I'm feeling. I go to bed everyone night disappointed in myself-and I should know better but I can't stand pee and poop.

kelly said...

hey anon - potty training stinks!! my best advice? treat mommy, too! give yourself a lot of grace. YES, it's totally ridiculous that we're tough on ourselves over something we really can't control (i think i spent most of a naptime crying on the couch the first day), but welcome to mommyhood, heh??!
ps: remind me of all of this this spring when potty training #2 starts! :)

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