Friday, June 18, 2010

you should never...

...wash & dry your jeans @ certain times of the month.
i mean really. what was i thinking?

you should, however always make a summer playlist on itunes.
where else are you going to hear phil collins, ingrid michaelson, the beatles, & bon iver all together?

you should also update your blog more often.
and when you do, you should include pictures of your children instead of just ramblings.
but then again, it's your blog, so you can do what you want :)

(johnna - i swear, i'll post pics soon. this is partially just to taunt you :) )

1 comment:

aunt nonna said...

you should also never taunt your sister from 3000 miles away about pictures of her quickly growing babies! it will be your responsibility to nurse me back to health after i have a skype heart attack when i've seen how big they are. just sayin.

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