Thursday, July 1, 2010

gah, i'm a bad blogger these days!

i'm finally grabbing a moment to blog, though i have nothing to blog about!!
it's just a normal morning - holland is in her exersaucer squealing away & wanting me to come get her. hudson's playing the guitar to "jack johnson radio" on pandora. we just had a conversation where i tried to convince him that i really cannot choose the songs that come on the radio. i don't think he believes me.

doing laundry. what's new? i had just sat down on the couch & decided to take a minute to quietly drink my coffee, when hudson came running in saying he was out of clean "underpants". darn! i had to finally get to that MOUND of his & holland's dirty clothes. don't think running to target for new undies rather than doing more laundry didn't cross my mind :) (some people have been known to do this in college & they know who they are!)

okay, well i'll add some pics...

holl's first oatmeal feeding. hudson supervising.

she wasn't especially thrilled, but she's getting better @ it.

we went to the pool for a picnic for father's day. i made these YUM brownies. i highly recommend them. they've become a father's day tradition. apparently it's also become tradition for me to eat them as if clint made them for ME because i do that every year :)

sis in her cutie lemon swimsuit.
hudson contemplating the art of jumping off the diving board. yes, he's started jumping off the diving board (to clint, of course). he's become quite the fish & pretty much taught himself how to swim underwater. he can jump off the side of the pool & swim (sort of wiggle) his way to you.

lime meltaway cookies we made for our neighbors. yummy, too.

**i would like to report that it's taken a miracle to actually get this blog post out. i now have one baby in my lap, bouncing her to keep her happy while i finish & one 3 yr old standing in the chair behind me playing (which feels more like pulling) my hair, singing (which sounds more like yelling) the abc song & periodically throwing his arms around me & screaching WHATCHA DOIN, MAMA??????? so, yes i'd likesome kind of award.


aunt nonna said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! I will make you an award! thank you :)
the babies are so super cute! i love the lemon swimsuite on holls & can't believe my huddie baby is jumping off the diving board!!!!!

Eric and Ruth said...

I love the picture of them in the double jogger. Holland is so beautiful!

Ruth Lee said...

Your days sound so much like mine just add another kid in the mix. :)

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