Tuesday, July 27, 2010

pajama party

We go through pajamas like crazy around here & have since Hudson was tiny. My sister once said Hudson had the best pajama wardrobe of any little boy around, & she was right! When he was about 9 months old I decided I had had it with searching the house every night for a clean pair of pjs because we were constantly running out, & so he ended up with quite the pj collection.
BUT pjs can be $$ & again we were starting to get low on our supply, when a miraculous oracle came from west Texas! Just kidding, my cousin's wife (hi Alana) just gave me the best tip - tiny undershirt tanks & mini-boxers! Did you even know they existed? I didn't. Cutest thing ever & cheap-cheap.
A big thanks to the West Texas cousins & especially to "Baby Ty" who is no longer a baby, but I can't help but call him that. His little 2 yr old self looks too cute in those pjs. Why didn't I get a pic??! Oh that's right - because he & Hudson refused to ever stand still :)

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