Monday, July 26, 2010

back from the road

so i'm finally back home. i've been out of town for almost all of july & i really cannot believe the month is almost over. what your parents tell you is true - the older you get, the faster time seems to go by. weird isnt' it?

anyway, after sleeping for 12 hrs friday night (thanks to my sweet, sweet hubby), i decided to spend the rest of the weekend mostly resting. well, you know all the rest that you can possibly get with a 3 yr old & a baby :) basically, what i mean is i didn't really unpack or attack the laundry piles, so that's what i've been up to today. & yes, it took a grande, nonfat caramel macciato to make me feel up to the task (thanks again to said sweet hubby).

miss holland amelia (or holland-melias, as hudson calls her) has become fascinated with rolling over & over & then getting stuck which would be great if she didn't need to sleep. i had forgotten about the stage where they finally get the hang of rolling & then get stuck & not sleep. it's like she really wants to sleep, but her body is compelling her to roll over & over. kinda funny. kinda not.

mr hudson has become fascinated with seeing just how far he can creep over the line of disobeying with out getting a spanking. it's testing me. it's trying me. i may have no hair left. he's such a stinker & seems to have some kind of spanking quota which he must fill everyday. in between stinker-y activites he's just as punky as ever & that's why it's so darn hard to spank him!

besides all of that, it's peach season in the hill country & it just so happens we have THE BEST peach tree in kerrville. mom & i & hudson (& some neighbors!) picked & picked peaches last week & they're still dropping like crazy. & when i say hudson picked peaches, what i mean is that he got all the bad ones & threw them into the creek with such gusto that he ended up throwing himself into the creek & getting covered in mud. then we took a break to feed the fish & he fell in again (this time just wearing underwear due to the muddy clothes), which scared me to death & he found hilarious. that's when we just gave up & mimi jumped in so he could go for a swim.

and going back to the peaches, i'd like to say that we made peach preserves for all of the family (sort of in honor of memaw as she used to make them), but the reality was that mom did it while i wrangled children.

i did bring lots home, though & felt quite the old farm wife while boiling & slicing & getting them ready to freeze. i'm pretty sure "old farm wives" canned rather than freezing, but i didn't let that stop my domestic fantasy. also in the domestic fantasy list, i will be making lots of peach & blueberry cobblers with crumble toppings. i LOVE crumble toppings. Oh.SO.Good.

Holland & cousin Piper (1 month apart)

Attempt @ getting all 4 little cousins in a pic...

We took a quick trip to Boerne & ate @ The Bear Moon Bakery - mmmm! Please go there & please get their house-made Scottish Oat Bread.

Pretty, pretty flowers sweet hubby sent for our ninth (wow!) anniversary last week...

Mimi & Hudson @ Cracker Barrel (hudson's new fav bc he can order scrambled eggs!)

okay, back to laundry. here's to a happy rest of july.

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aunt nonna said...

so sad i missed out picking & preparing the peaches :(
i have a feeling i would have instigated a food fight fried green tomato style!
mimi looks skinny & what's that cute top she's wearing?!
good luck with the laundry.
skype soon please!

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