Monday, August 23, 2010


our cable just stopped working.
@ the very beginning of design star!  & it's the finale.  bummer.

so to keep myself occupied while clint fiddles with the tv, i've been checking out this site.  it's all about bentos

have you heard of bentos?  well, i can't seem to find a good definition to link to, so i'll just give you my very-limited-knowledge-have-only-recently-seen-these-on-the-internet definition.  it's a japanese-inspired, new crazy fad in kid lunch making where you use several small containers for holding a variety of small foods.  from what i can tell, the idea is to get your kids to try lots of different & healthy foods (hello, hudson!) while also limiting your waste (i.e. bye-bye ziplocks) & exercising your inner japanese martha.  & by japanese martha, i mean these moms are doing wacky, creative things with food.  i've seen everything from taking cookie cutters to cucumber slices (cute!) to handcarving hotdog octopuses (octopusi??).  the latter seems a little extreme to me, but i gotta admit when i saw it, i was way impressed.

goodness knows i need all the help i can get with mr. picky-i-swear-i'll-gag-if-you-try-&-make-me-eat-it

& i DO have a coupon i could use on the little silicone cups i've seen used for little veggie slices...

& hud COULD use a new little container for school lunches in place of all those darn ziplocks...

we just might have to try this out. 

okay, cable's back & it's design star time.  go team emily!!

ps:  bentos are similar to the whole muffin tin idea youve probably seen floating around, too.  you can check out more info here.

pps:  thanks to jaclyn who sent me the link to the another lunch site & who's planning to start bento-ing grace & blogging all about it (right?)

ppps:  i just found a good bento definition (of course right as i'm finished with this post!  ha!) "Bento is a way of packing meals in a compact way in a single container. Bentos should be visually appealing and be comprised of assorted foods - smaller portions of each, but providing more variety over all." (from another lunch)

pppps:  apparently the plural of "bento" is "bento" & not "bentos" as i've used in this post, but i feel funny saying that, so i'm going to keep calling them bentos.


Jaclyn said...

ha! yes- i am kind of obsessed. Just deciding what type of container i want to start with. Today Grace's PB&J was cut into a tiarra shape from a cookie cutter i just happened to have. She actually said "Oh mommy, you are the best!" ha!!!
Too bad Jeremy said he does not like his food prepared to be recognizable shapes :)

ThePoeFam said...

I'm so excited to start these for Quinn too! I just got the Easy Lunchboxes set for him!( And, I'm going to be doing a giveaway on my blog soon, so check back!!! ...Anyway, I think this set will be great to use to make "Bento style" lunches! And, I love the Goodbyn too! (check it ...They're just so stinkin' cute, right?!

kelly said...

jaclyn - i think jeremy's just bento jealous :)
ps: tiara? CUTE!

brit - bento-ing seems right up your ally!! can't wait to see what you come up with!

Anonymous said...

samuel definitely needs a lunch container...please let me know what you find and i'll start looking too. brittany i'll check out the sites you listed too. fun...something for me to do on saturday night! hehee!
ps i think samuel would love to have a bento lunch!
love- m

Anonymous said...

ok so brittany just checked out those them! thanks for the ideas!
meredith williams

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