Tuesday, August 24, 2010


today we went for holland's 6 month check up.  & that meant a shot.  sad.  just one shot, though since we're spacing her vaccines out.  & speaking of vaccines, do they stress anyone else out???!  i know they do because i've talked to lots of you.  of course on one hand, they're miraculous medical concotions that our great-grandmothers could only dream about, but on the other i can never get away from the "what exactly are you injecting into my kid?" kinds of questions.  i have friends who swear by not vaccinating until 2 yrs old & friends who swear by every single vaccination, every single visit.  i guess i'm somewhere in the middle.  which means we'll be visiting our doctor very frequently these days to be sure we get all of our shots, just not all @ the same time.  as vaccines go, i guess all you can do is decide what you feel is best & go with it.  really, that pretty much sums up a good deal of the "mom job description" - trying to figure out what the heck to do & then trying to feel good about whatever decision you make.  do i spank, not spank?  how about time out?  is it working?  do i let her "cry it out", or go get her?  should i let him yell through the grocery store, or take him out & spank him?  by the way, i took him out & spanked him, if you're wondering, but it totally back fired on me because with holland in the baby bjorn, i could barely lift him out of the cart.  by the time i won the fight of getting him turned over enough to swat, i had little force left to make it a real spanking.  it ended with us both laughing.  needless to say, he really learned his lesson.

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Mel Cable said...

We do what you do, The Vaccine Book by Sears is the sched I go by. He is so middle of the road, which is great, not crazy on either side. Yes going back often, no more than 2 shots a visit and putting off the MMR till 3. As long as parents are making educatd decisions, I think that is all that matters. Way to go!

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