Friday, August 27, 2010

chicken curry

chicken curry, as promised.
 i would NEVER break a promise to the tens of people that read this blog every single day.

why i think you should make chicken curry this weekend...
1.  it's creamy & saucy & tastes like a comfort food (hello coconut milk!), but it's chocked full of veggies, so win-win.
2.  it's spicy, but not too spicy, so if you like mexican food, you'll like it.
3.  there are so many vegetables in it that you don't need a lot of meat & that helps the ol grocery budg.
4.  it's a great one to use up random leftover veggies & it makes a TON of food
5.  yum

chicken curry

basmati or jasmine rice (my fav is brown jasmine.)
2 potatoes, chopped into large chunks
4 md sized carrots, peeled & chopped into bite size
2 medium sized onions, sliced into 1/4 in rings, or half rings
2 chicken bnlss/sknlss chicken breasts, cut into bitesized pieces
8 oz pkg mushrooms, chopped
3-4 heaping large spoonfuls of Patak's mild curry paste
1 T worchestershire sauce
half of a bunch of spinach, stems chopped off & rinsed really well
1 can coconut milk
naan bread

    - boil potatoes until about halfway cooked through & then throw in carrots.  cook until both are fairly tender (they'll cook a little longer later).  strain well & sprinkle generously with sea salt & pepper.
    - warm a couple T of evoo in a large stock pot (you can also use a large wok, or something similar) on medium high heat.
    - add onions & saute until golden brown.
    - add chicken & saute for 3-4 mins.
    - add mushrooms & continue to saute for a few minutes until chicken is almost cooked through.
    - grab your large silverware spoon & add 3 heaping spoonfuls of curry paste & about 1 T of worchestershire sauce.
    - stir-fry for 5 minutes. 
    - add potatoes,carrots & spinach. 
    - add coconut milk.  mix well & turn heat down to md low.  put the lid on & allow to simmer for 7-10 minutes.  be sure spinach is wilted down & chicken is cooked through.
    - serve over rice & scoop up with naan bread.

a couple of thoughts...
-you can use a variety of veggies in this - like celery, leeks, bell peppers (but i would always use  potatoes).  so use what you have & omit something if you don't have it/don't like it.  so for example, if you were having your friend over & her soon-to-be-fiance & he was allergic to mushrooms, you could omit them easily, but ONLY if she actually relayed the information to you that he was allergic.  just hypothetically speaking, of course because who would forget to relay such important information?  :)
-naan bread is sooo good & you might get a surprise like me & see that it's @ your grocery store.  if not, pita or even tortillas will work, just toast them OR swing by a indian food place & get some - it's so good, it'll be worth it. also, i found this recipe the other day, but i haven't tried it yet.

i wish you a happy curry filled weekend.


Jen Haney said...

kelly....I thought we were over this. I am SO sorry I forgot to tell you that P was allergic to mushrooms. He loved your stroganoff and we didn't even have to go to the ER that night. Next time you guys are here I will make clint eat alot of chocolate and caffeine and we will be even. :)

Jen Haney said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kelly said...

jen - it was chicken tetrazzini, for goodness sakes. i thought you'd remember.
and ps: we all know clint's "chocolate allergy" is made up, or at least cured when he married me! haha!

Jen Haney said...

I knew it was tetrazzini....I was just testing your memory. Good job. You passed.

I am not to sure that P's mushroom allergy is made up as well. I have my reasons.

Call me. Your voicemail lady and I are becoming really friendly.

kelly said...

why would i call you when we could have this fun conversation all in my comments section?

ps: i hate stroganoff.

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