Wednesday, August 25, 2010

farmer's market recap

so our great adventure to the farmer's market didn't quite turn out like we were thinking.
not a lot of veggies.  as in, i think i saw one box of tomatoes.**
oh well.
looks like our hopes for homemade tomato & pesto sauces will be put off another year, but not to worry, we found some other good things...

*mmmm, fresh basil & chives.  maybe these plants will be big enough for a few pesto jars next august.
*goat's milk yogurt drink & chevre.  i don't (blech) like chevre.  even typing it (blech) makes me (blech) want to gag (blech), but clint does.  enjoy it, babe (blech).
*free trade + organic coffee beans.  you could buy a cup to try (for $1! where can you get coffee anywhere for $1??!).  it was so good AND about the same price for regular gourmet @ the groc - yip, yip!
*indian food - INDIAN FOOD!!  mmmmmmm!!!  oh my goodness, mmm, mmm, mmm!!!  i could have sat there & sampled every single thing they were offering. y to the u to the m, folks.

after hemming & hawing & wishing i had a $50 indian food budget, i chose 2 dips i'm hoping to duplicate @ home.  one was paratha dip.  have you ever had it?  it's a mint, yogurt, cream cheese dip.  yummilicious.  & the other was the smoothest hummus i've ever had.  guess what the secret ingredient was?  yogurt!  hmmmm.  we also got samosas
sooooo gooooood.  gooood. gooooooooooooooood.
they're fried savory pastries with chicken & spices & some kind of indian goodness.

to go with all of our indian booty, i made chicken curry this week.  i love curry.  so spicy, so creamy, so veggie loaded!  if you've never made curry, it's super easy (at least the way i make it).  recipe coming later this week!

**in defense of the market, it's new & growing & hopefully will have actual vegetables soon.  haha!

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