Tuesday, August 31, 2010

the day i threatened to take halloween away.

well, i should say "dayS" as this has now happened twice.

too bad hudson doesn't exactly remember what halloween is (free candy night), which of course renders all my threats useless.

THIS is the darling cowboy costume i so lovingly hand made for my son...

oh the fringe!  oh the cuteness!!

THIS is him wearing it.

i couldn't even get it on him the right way before he totally flipped.
he cannot stand it.

he can.not.stand.it. 
cannot put it on, cannot look @ it.  CAN.NOT.STAND.IT.

and i have NO idea why.  none.
he cannot provide an answer for why he totally & completely flips out like a caged animal when even asked to try it on. 

we're talking ginormous tears.
we're talking red, screaming face.
we're talking snot flying.

he HATES it.

twice i have asked (and forced) him to put it on & twice he has thrown the ABSOLUTE biggest tantrum you have ever seen.  the likes of which i've never seen him throw, EVER about anything.  and he is no stranger to tantrums.

i tried to be a good mama. 
i MADE his halloween costume, for crying out loud.
& was finished before the end of august!
i used decorator faux suede, so that it feels so soft - like REAL cowhide! 
i found just the right pattern.
i labored over the fringe.
i bought enough material to make holland a matching costume. 


what am i going to do?


Mel Cable said...

wait a month or two, then try again. Give up the fight for a long while. Rent Toy Story and any other cowboy movie you can :) Attach a gun hoster or stick horse! And if for some reason all this still doesn't work, I'll be he'll love it some day as a go to costume. My kids live in theirs now. We have a whole bucket!

kelly said...

good seasoned mom advice, mc! thanks :)

aunt nonna said...

i'm sorry, but i CAN.NOT. STOP. LAUGHING! soooo funny. i feel bad for laughing at a picture of the hud crying, but it is really funny. and the advice about the toy gun and stick horse and cool cowboy movies sounds amazing- what she said!

Anonymous said...

You are an amazing MOM! I was there during the first refusal or i might not believe you! Biggest fit i have ever seen from him and sorry about laughing but it just was so funny how serious he is about NOT wanting to have ANYTHING to do with this costume! Unlike his mother who wore more than one that she did not like!!!! One day maybe we will get an explanation from him?

Anonymous said...

very cute costume kel!!! luke is the same way about anything like that....so last year he went to the church fall festival and trick or treating costume-less! carrie didn't want to fight the fight! haha! they are particular! :) good luck! love ya- mere

kelly said...

thanks for all of the good wishes & advice :) yall are great!!
i've decided my plan is to not mention or make a big deal out of it until the week before halloween. then maybe he'll change his mind (fingers crossed!). if not, i'll let him wear his bee costume from last year. the sad part is i don't know if he & holland will match & that goes against my very being, but what are you going to do?

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