Wednesday, September 1, 2010

welcome fall

happy september first 
we celebrated with a pumpkin latte & a trip to the thrift store.  yip, yip!

turns out this baby is a pretty good little shopper. 
or it could be that her headband just made her so happy. 
i feel that way about headbands too, sissy.

want to see our thrifty finds?

1 pumpkin spice latte
1 pair of future dressup shoes
1 set of chalk (did i tell you i made a big chalkboard in the kitchen?)
1 red bucket destined for hudson's markers
1 silverfooted glass bowl
1 black side table
okay, well that doesnt count the latte, but still. 

im so happy that this corner of the nursery...
can now look like this...
ahhhh.  much better.
we've had the 'blanket over old box" look since we moved in & it was hudson's nursery.  lovely.

i just realized the crib looks like a complete disaster in that pic.  eeek. 
here are some (slightly) better crib pics...
poor sis still has that picture of hudson above the crib!
 i meant to get her pic & her name above, but just didn't happen yet :)
i wanted to make her bumpers thick & cushy.  i love how they turned out.
the bird fabric is from target sheets, the plaid is oversized gingham cut on the bias
& then i used cushy chenille for softness & another texture.
well there you have it!  holland's crib & our thrifty finds. 

welcome fall.


Christy said...

Great finds! I love that table - and what a great deal! Little Sara Q has those shoes and she loves them (actually so does J but we won't talk about that!). I love the bedding too - I have been wondering what you ended up doing. Nice work as always! So glad you are blogging so much - it makes me happy! Love knowing what you guys are up to! Enjoy the first days of September! Love you guys!

kelly said...

hey c! of course i thought of you when i got my starbucks this morning :) you know what? i have to hide those shoes from hudson because otherwise he'd be all about them. hahaahaaa!! since the arrival of his sissy, he's been quite curious about hair accessories & shoes! when holland is older & they're both dressing up, i won't mind as much, but i'm not so sure about just him wearing princess shoes around!!

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