Tuesday, August 3, 2010

dear hudson,

please stop jumping on your bed. please.
today you scared the living day lights out of me when you took a major tumble off that bed @ naptime. it seems you wanted to try the whole "no more monkeys jumping off the bed" kind of thing.
it wasn't funny.
in fact, it scared me beyond anything i think i've ever felt (including the time in high school ginger & leslie made us watch children of the korn & i thought i might die).
seeing you crumpled in a ball on the floor, well let's be honest - that's somewhat normal & the moment i heard your cries, i wasn't really worried. i walked into your room ready to scold you, but when i picked you up & you wouldn't look @ me, but were so dazed you were staring @ the ceiling, i got SCARED. seriously, don't do that to me again. i'm pretty sure i stopped breathing.
then you wouldn't walk, which added to my panic.
you were wailing loudly, which actually made me feel a little better.
then i did just like the mama of the five little monkeys & called the doctor. well, actually i called daddy & daddy called the doctor, so i guess we'll have to change that part of the song from now on.
that's when you threw up.
and i panicked some more.
and i don't even know how i was able to pick you up & wash you off because my knees were buckling with fear.
you were crying & coherent, but not acting totally normally.
i called mimi while i cleaned you up & waited on word from the doctor. hearing her calm voice made me feel better, but when she said words like "er" & "mri", i thought i might throw up.
but i didn't.
i didn't cry either.
but your sissy was crying as i had left her on the changing table when i went to check on you.
then i panicked again because what if SHE fell off her changing table & we had two head injuries?
do you see what you did to your poor mama???
so i dashed to moved sad, wailing sissy safely to her bed & ran back to you to get you changed for the doctor.
between sobs you told me "mommy, i VERY hurt." & you cried when i put you down to walk.
somehow i carried you & sissy to the car & off to the doctor we went.
that's when i started crying.
you couldn't see me, thankfully.
but you heard my shakey voice as i kept asking you about all the music you like, trying to keep you awake - "hudson, you like jason mraz, right? what about jack johnson? and norah jones?" i tried to stifle sobs in between my questions. you were answering me, but you were haze-y & i couldn't tell if you were just tired or something else.
we made it to the dr. & i jumped out, grabbed holland's stroller & grabbed you, speed walking to the door. thankfully daddy was there soon (how, i have no idea as he was in the med center when i called. he probably went 90 down the toll way, but i'm not even going to ask him) & you were already doing better, just really clingy to me.
when you heard your doctor was coming, you cried. i think you remembered the shots from your appointment in may. i hate to hear you cry, but the fact that you were responding so well made me feel so much better.
finally you were all checked out & responding well & we were told to keep a close eye on you all night, but that you were probably fine.
the doctor did not explicitly say "no more jumping on the bed", but i swear if you even bounce on that bed...
and you're NEVER playing football. don't even think about it.



Jaclyn said...

what?! i just checked your blog and i think i might cry too. You are super mom, kelly! i am so glad he is ok, and i am so glad you emotionally survived it as well. OK, i will stop complaining about my day yesterday!!!

aunt nonna said...

OH MY GOD. no wonder you didnt email me all day! SCARY! hudson, aunt nonna will come all the way over the ocean in an airplane to spank your bottom if you EVER jump on the bed again! and we thought the black eye was funny. try not to worry- he is easing you into his first broken bone, but he will be ok. hopefully he learned his lesson! and i agree with you- no american football for that boy!

Christy said...

Kelly -
I can't imagine how scary that must have been. I am so glad that he is all right! I read it out loud to jayden and he was really concerned. He had me read it to him a couple of times. (of course now when he is jumping on something I remind him of hudson so that helps;)). Hope all is well and our night went okay. Love to you guys!

Ruth Lee said...

Kelly - your writing is terrific! I felt like I was right there in the midst of the chaos and it so resembles the chaos of my own house. :) I am so glad that he is doing better and hopefully he has learned a lesson, but if he is like my boys he will forget the pain and do it again. :)

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