Sunday, August 8, 2010

sunday cupcakes

we couldn't go to the pool today because it was thundering.


it's our favorite sunday afternoon activity, so we were all pretty bummed. hudson kept telling sissy "we'll go to the pool right after it stops raining, sissy, okay?". it took awhile for clint & i to get up the courage to tell him the chances of the weather clearing up weren't looking so good. when we finally told him, we tempered the sad news with the thought of making cupcakes.

the exchange of pool for kitchen was accepted & hudson & clint started the process.

clint is a brave man.

the cupcake session ended in hudson eating a cupcake's worth in batter & asking, "can i have some more? can i have some more? can i have some more?" over & over & i think you get it...

oh, & he had his bike helmet on during the entire process.

and no pants.

this has quickly become the norm around here. the child hates pants, but adores the new bike helmet he just got. it's the size you'd normally get for 8 yrs +. mmmhmmm. have i mentioned our kids have humongo heads? HUGE.

mmmm, excuse me but the sweet smell of cupcakes is calling me. i'll leave you with a few pictures.

yes, clint's a member of the fdny, you didn't know?

see how fast your hands have to move cooking with a 3 yr old?

here's to starting off the week with cupcakes...

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