Thursday, August 19, 2010

playing around with blogger...

and i kinda want to throw something through a wall!  clint & i both agree that somehow the guys @ blogger conspire with all the tech-y people & make you THINK you can diy all these things with your blog - oh, it's soooo simple, just follow these steps...  2 hours later, you're throwing things & thinking, "FINE!  i'll pay those crazy prices for some tech-y person to design my blog!!!".


ps:  to any tech-y person that may be reading - i know doing websites take lots of time & your prices are probably fair & reflect your time + skills.  i'm just majorly ANNOYED :)

pps:  though it's not @ all what i was going for, i do like this new pattern & i guess it goes with all the food i've been cooking (& consuming) these days, so i'm making peace with it for now.

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