Tuesday, August 17, 2010

baby in yellow

i love a baby girl in yellow.




in yellow!

memom gave this onesie to holland & so of course, it's very special to us :) i love that she chose the yellow. so cutie. i have yellow tiny polka dotted pants to match for the fall - can't wait!

also, i'd like to give my photography assistant a shout out.

he sat in that chair & got holland to look @ him, so we could get good shots of her headband.

i've been into making headband lately. i LOVE holland in them. LOVE.

i like them, too!

who knew we'd already be sharing accessories @ 6 months??! just be sure you put it back in MY bathroom when you're finished, holls.

1 comment:

Clint said...

And finally for the trifecta....good grief that little girl is the cutest thing ever. I mean i seriously could cry looking at those. Nice work babe, it's all so beautiful.

Ok, back to work. Had a few extra minutes while eating my free spicy chicken chick-fil-a sandwich. Yumm. Thanks for the coup!


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