Friday, September 3, 2010

american apparel

on my list to do tonight...

unload dishwasher
drink another bottle of water
write grocery list
make final decisions on american apparel order
go to bed not too, too late

so naturally i'm choosing first to do the one where i get to sit on the couch - american apparel order.

you know american apparel, right?  i order onesies & t's from there for alacritydesigns because they're made here in the US (LA) & therefore "sweatshop free".  anyway, i like a lot about the company, but there's a good deal that i don't.  i won't go into all the details, but i will tell you that they make me laugh. 
a lot.
some of their products along with the pictures are hilarious
i'm making a shirt for my friend jaclyn's daughter & so i sent her a link with color options for the shirt.
then i just couldn't stop sending her links with funny captions, like

"oh, if you go to mexico again this summer, you'll need THIS."

"in case you get invited to a polo match & need to bring your sleeping bag, buy THIS."

"for that 'all neutral eighties party' - THIS."

& i can't even think of anything clever to say about THIS ONE.

if you're thing is legwarmers + bright colors + yoga + poofy halos, please click HERE.

and lastly, if you like a man who dresses like a pack of crayola markers in bold, THIS is what you need.

hope y'all enjoyed that as much as i did. 

thank you, american apparel, thank you.

***and if you like fun, modern halloween cuteness in the form of little clothes AND you like giveaways (first ever!!), i have a FUN announcement for you next week...


aunt nonna said...

THREE posts in THREE days! What a treat! And so many pictures! I am one happy aunt! Holland looks HUGE! *tear* I can't believe she can totally sit up and look like an almost toddler! Where's the baby infant blob??!! Please don't let her get any bigger until I can hold her in December!
Putting her name above the crib was on our to do list in March- haha, but she will never know that picture isn't of her anyway :)
The nursery looks cute- you're so talented. Can you come over here and teach me a few things??? I will buy you as many mid afternoon pumpkin lattes as you can possibly consume!
ps- can you skype tomorrow (sunday)- maybe after h1's nap?

kelly said...

it WAS on our to-do list wasnt it?!!
hmmmmm, let me think - trip to london, get to see my sissy, sewing, get pumpkin lattes... YES!

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