Thursday, September 2, 2010

its' a coffee again @ 2pm kind of day.  it's threatening rain off & on this afternoon & i'm just the slightest bit chilled, but really it's just my imagination wanting to be anything but burning up hot now that we're officially fall. 
we went to our first mops of the year this week.  i love mops.  it's probably my favorite activity.

lots of girly talk
+ good food
+ an occasional fun craft
= my kind of place

it was my first time to drop miss holland off.  i probably would have been more concerned about it if i'd had time to, but it required all my brain power to get us out the door on time.  driving there was when i realized i needed a seperate little bag for to leave for holland paraphenalia.  good timing.  i've been using one massive bag for all 3 of us, but that wasn't going to help when all 3 of us were going in seperate directions.  darn.  anyway, we made do & now i'm on the hunt for a little bag for next time.  it's terrible when you HAVE to go shopping for something little, girly & perferably monogrammed.  sigh.

& getting us all ready might have been a bit chaotic, but don't think i didn't take every second i needed to get miss h dressed!  hudson & i might be wrinkled & frazzled, but i'll be darned if holland's going out the door without looking like a doll!  (sorry hudson, but you know you don't really like me to dress you anyway.) 
& okay, that was a little dramatic.  i DO like to dress my baby doll, but i'm not opposed to running out the door with her in just a onesie, though i have been known to make a mad dash back inside for a matching hair accessory :)  it's taken 6 months to get here, though.  remember THIS post?

here's miss h's little outfit (taken AFTER we got home - no time for pics before)...

so you just want me to sit here?
well, i guess getting your picture taken is kind of fun.

so just look of in the distance, like a model?

big blue eyes
her only headband that i didn't make.  i LOVE it, though.  it's from here, via mimi :)
6 month punkiness is too much sometimes.



what happened?
so glad this dress fit because i was going to be crushed if she never got to wear it!  it's linen, so she JUST made it (right, aunt jen??!).  linen is perfect for labor day, so good job holland.

and just a quick ps:  i just went in to check on hudson (not asleep) & he was sitting in his bed "reading" curious george to his monkey & elephant.  he's fascinated with holding the book out, just like his teachers do.  cutest. thing. ever.  i should have told him to lay down, but i couldn't - it was just too cute.  i remember figuring out how to hold the book that way - just like my teacher did :)


Christy said...

Oh my goodness - that holland is such a precious little thing! And that headband - Campbell has GOT to get one! I looked at that website - which one is it? Glad you are getting into the swing of fall too! Let's meet up and get our coffee!

Jen Haney said...

Whew....I am so glad Holland got her linen in before Labor Day. That would have been social suicide Kel. I wore my white jeans three times last week and don't worry...I am going to wear them all weekend as well. I MISS those babies!! I have to see them soon! :)

kelly said...

c - don't you love that headband?! SO great! & i'd definitely recommend the red. you can find it here -
j - i knew you'd appreciate that! enjoy those white jeans!!!

Anonymous said...

Kel where is her red nail polish? Ha ha. She is so beautiful! Love the Blk/wht and red. We need to get that headband in all the colors.

Mel Cable said...

here is one thing I am learning about girls. Any dress that gets too small, looks great over jeans or leggings. Sophie has worn many a mini-dress over pants. And by the way, have you checked out Rachel Rauch Sparks's blog, she makes some items similar to yours. don't know it, but it is on her facebook page. Hope we can meet the famous Holland soon!

kelly said...

mom! red nail polish!!! you're RIGHT, that would perfect the whole look!!
mc - GREAT idea. that dress really would be perfect over jeans next spring - white jeans! thanks for the tip. & i'll have to look up rachel's blog - i'm not sure if we're fb friends, but i'm sure she's friends with clint...

Jaime said...

Ahh, she's so beautiful! I have not been in the blog world the entire summer, and am sitting down for 5 minutes to semi-catch up. LOVE your blogs new look! And I want that chair/couch/whatever! Hope life is well!

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