Friday, September 10, 2010

and the winner is...

we'll announce the winner of the halloween giveaway TODAY after nap time!! 

mandi savage!!!

come on down!  you're the next contestant on the price is right!!!

just kidding - i'll email you & get your little pumpkin in the mail!

thanks to all of you who commented - those halloween costumes were AWESOME!  made me laugh!!  & just to be fair, i'll tell you my favorite halloween costume was when my mom only finished the skirt to my princess dress & therefore convinced me that paired with shaw & mini american flag - the skirt was perfect to be just what ever little girl wants to be - betsy ross.  hahahahaaaaa!!!

happy weekend, guys!


Jen Haney said...

the avocado green cabinets are beautiful!!! I know I can only see a portion of them but I love them!!! When you come visit I need you to do a consultation with me about my circa 1975 kitchen cabinets. I think they might just be a little outdated. :)

kelly said...

good eye, jen haney! i need to do a post on the cabinets. i also need to finish the cabinets! maybe be christmas... :)

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