Monday, September 13, 2010


so, i've got some news for you...

#1.  prices have come DOWN!  yip, yip!  i have SUCH a hard time pricing things.  it's probably my biggest challenge in being a small business owner.  i've tried for a long time to price in keeping with my wholesale accounts, but no more!  i decided to scrap that & go with cheaper prices, at least for the present.  we'll see how it works.  sooooo, i'm so happy to report that right now prices are - $22 for a tee or onesie long sleeve or short.

AND guess what else that $22 buys you???!  A ONESIE FOR A CHILD IN NEED!  which brings us to -

#2. GET & GIVE - i'm working on partnering with some friends to be able to give onesies to children in need.  this means every time you buy a onesie or tee from alacritydesigns, you're giving a onesie, too!  isn't that cool?  i'm SO excited about it!!  we have a few friends who work with crisis pregnancies & so YOU will be donating a onesie to these new babies!  yaaaaay!!!  a baby is a beautiful miracle however she comes into the world & i am SO happy to partner with YOU to celebrate life in this way :)
i will be updating the shop with several new designs in the next week & all will be $22 & offer this GET & GIVE deal!
**oh, also shipping prices have gone down, too**
thanks for letting me share this HAPPY news with you :)

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