Tuesday, October 26, 2010

cowboy day

excuse my silence yesterday.
it was cowboy day around here.
it was also "oh my gosh, i just had 2 trunk shows, our house is a wreck & i have so much to do so why am i doing cowboy day today day", but that's a mouthful for another post.
today, we'll talk about cowboy day.
which you should know was really just a sad attempt @ getting hudson excited about his cowboy costume.
you'll remember THIS post.
anyway, i had originally planned to invite some friends over & make this a big "to do", but well, you know life happened & this is what we got.
which he thought was fun & i was glad.

we read about slim jim watkins in why cowboys sleep with their boots on by laurie knowlton.
cute book, though a little over his head, so i kinda summarized. it's a tall tale of little southwest critters stealing away with various cowboy clothing items of slim jim's. pretty cute, nice illustrations & a good time to talk about boots, bandanas, cowboy hats, etc ("sooo cool how YOU have these, too, hud!!)
that lead us to this little activity...

i (hastily, while he ate breakfast) cut out a hat, boots, shirt, bandana, & "britches" while dreaming of a cricut :) it was interesting to watch hudson think out where each piece went to build the cowboy. we ended up making a head because visualizing where the hat should go without the head totally threw him for a loop.

next i planned to read cowboy small by lois lenski, but the bug guy came to spray & i thought we should get away from the fumes. not that there were fumes really, but if that stuff kills bugs it can't be good for babies??! anyway, sam's was plan b. plan b also included no morning nap for holls. not fun.

i love cowboy small & hudson REALLY liked it & it may very well be what saves us this halloween. the book features a crescent moon, which is always a plus in hudson's world & small's horse is named cactus, which is apparently really funny. now what really seals small's coolness deal is that he
a. cooks
b. plays the guitar
THANK YOU lois lenski for knowing EXACTLY what would win my boy's heart!
so i'm saying there's still hope for a cowboy halloween around here.
between woody & cowboy small, we may be a go.
am i jinxing myself?
anyway, our last little activity was making trail mix.

lacking time to find a recipe this weekend, i just raided the bulk section @ heb.

raisins, dried cranberries, yogurt covered almonds (my fav), chocolate covered blueberries (hud's fav - totally clueless about the blueberries), sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, wheat chex, sliced almonds, dried mango

he tried each (SHOCKER to me!!) & then chose the ones he wanted to make a mix.

he didn't love the seeds, but i decided just to let this be a fun activity & not to push the food issue. i was actually beyond thrilled that he tried them without any prodding from me.

so that was my heart felt attempt @ getting mr. i'm-going-to-be-buzz excited about cowboys. yes that's right, in the last week he started saying that's he's going to be buzz for halloween.
as in lightyear.
as in WHAT?? the worst part is that he says it in the sweetest way as if a buzz costume will just most certainly drop from the sky on sunday.
i guess he just thinks you say what you want to be & it magically appears. *sigh*

keeping my fingers crossed... will keep you posted.

ps: there are tons of cowboy ideas for little ones here.


Anonymous said...

Love the Cowboy!!You are such a good MOM!!!Sneaky, but good!! Let's hope he falls for it cause he will make the cutest cowboy ever. Talk to him about Kreek and Tim and show Marty's blog to him, maybe that will make an impression! Kreek and his dad are real live cowboys, they ride horses and round up cows! Maybe if needed, I could get Kreek to call him....Let me know.

Ruth Lee said...

Aren't you creative!! I'll have to check out those books you mentioned. Since both of my boys are obsessed with cowboys, I've been on the lookout for cowboy books.

Jaclyn said...

so cute!!! you are such a good mommy!
ps- i am officially inspired to pay a visit to the HEB bulk section :)

kelly said...

mom - good idea! i need several tricks up my sleeve :)
ruth lee - those books are so cute. i bet your boys would love them! the link @ the bottom of the post has about a million & one super fun cowboy ideas. i definitely want to do more!
jac - too funny!!! maybe dean would eat dried cranberries??!!! haha!

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