Wednesday, October 13, 2010

the post where you rememeber how quirky i can be

it's true what they say, you know.  that you haven't really lived until you've eaten a
mmhmm.  it's true.
what you haven't heard that?
anyway, i know i seem to sing this lasagna's praises once a week, but that's because i eat it about once a week.  and tonight's the night we're eating it.  my studio (a.k.a. what should be our formal dining room) happens to be right next to our oven & i cannot begin to describe to you the goodness that is wafting in here.
because it is wafting.
good food wafts, you know.
anyway, i'm just saying try it.  you'll fall head over heals.  you WILL.
unless you're my vegetarian sister & then you won't.
sorry, johnna. 
if i ever had a prayer for being a vegetarian, those hopes were all dashed the day i met this lasagna.
i wonder.  could you be a vegetarian with the tiny exception of sausage on your lasagna?
no, i guess not.
anyway, all i'm trying to say is that you should make that darn lasagna & EAT it! 
& also that i might be on some kind of lasagna fume high & that might be why this post is kinda weird.

ps:  i'm now coming to my senses long enough to give you a tip - make this lasagna in 2 8x8 or 9x9 pans.  that way you can eat one this week & freeze the other & have it next week.  voila!  lasagna every week!  i think lasagna every week would solve half of the world's problems.
uh oh, i'm getting weird again.


Unknown said...

girl i am so with you on this yummy meal....seriously the best lasagna i have EVER had! oh and by the way I got the CUTEST shirts in the mail....the girls (and me too) LOOOOVVVVVVEEEE them!

Mel Cable said...

ok, so I'm making lasagna this weekend, and I'm tempted to try this. Although mine is a lot easier, buying pre-made sauce and no-boil noodles. Couple of questions. Is the HOT sausage cool with Hudson, I love hot, but the kids not so much (he may not even touch it anyway from what I understand). I also don't like a too dry lasagna, nice and saucy and that sauce seems rather meaty and dryer. Also I really don't like chunks of tomatoes, do you think I could replace with petite diced or crushed? Thanks for any help you trailblazer you!

kelly said...

mandi - YAY!!! so glad you got them after the fiasco :)
mel -
1. i use mild sausage & hudson DID eat it this week which shocked the heck out of clint & i.
2. this lasagna is very juicey. this time i even thought maybe too juicey, but i think i put the juice from the canned tomatoes in & maybe you're not supposed to?? maybe i'll just put some of the juice next time.
3. i definitely think you could substitue the diced or crushed for the whole.
make it & tell me what you think!!!

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