Thursday, October 14, 2010


  in case you want to take your little guy to the rodeo.

you know you've been wanting to check out the rodeo.

because we DO live in texas.

well, i live in texas.

now's the time i admit i've only been to a rodeo once in my life.
bad texan.
but people around here are all about the houston rodeo.
it's a big deal. 
maybe we'll make it this year.  i think hudson would love it.
& now he has a shirt to wear.
the end.

ps:  shirt's in the SHOP.


Ruth Lee said...

My boys are obsessed with cowboys!! Hudson's 3rd birthday was a cowboy party and Landon just had his 3rd birthday and he wanted a rodeo party. I will definitely have to check out your shirts.

kelly said...

hey rl - that's so cute!! if you're wanting to get all 3 a shirt, we could do $5 off the order. let me know...

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