Monday, November 22, 2010


empty dog bowls = no dog

we had to put maddie down on saturday. i can't even say how sad it was. it is.

she was our baby before we had babies. 10 years of beagle love. we were so lucky.

we love you, maddie. wishing you lots of eggs, meat, cat chasing, & snuggling in heaven :)


Laura // Elizabeth said...

I am so sorry Kelly :( We also have 3 dogs (all the same age) that we had before children and I DREAD the day they are not with us anymore.

Christy said...

I am so sorry to hear about sweet maddie. I know that must have been tough. She was such a sweet dog!

Anonymous said...

I'm crying! so sad :( Sorry Harp family.

mere said...

oh no! kel- why? i am so sad for yall...maddie was the cutest thing! we will feel the same way when our maddie & major pass on. we have had them for 8 years now.
ps you better call me missy!

aunt nonna said...

rip maddie, my first niece.
i'm sorry i never told you, but i always let her up on the bed when i sleep at your house because she loved a good snuggle & was particularly good at it.
she was the sweetest, most photogenic dog i've ever known.
she will be missed!

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